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Model Predictions


Every time you run any of these importers, previously imported predictions will be overwritten! Make sure to version your projects if you want to be able to go back to previous model iterations.

If you aren't familiar with how to build lists of Prediction objects, please have a look at this workflow tutorial first. It will show you how to construct predictions for bounding boxes, polygons, masks, and classifications.

With these predictions in hand, importing them is done as follows:

from pathlib import Path

from encord_active.lib.db.predictions import Prediction
from encord_active.lib.model_predictions.importers import import_predictions
from encord_active.lib.project import Project

project_path = Path("/path/to/your/project/root")

predictions: list[Prediction] = ... # Your list of predictions

import_predictions(Project(project_path), project_path, predictions)

Other Options

There are also a couple of other options for importing predictions that are stored in common file formats already. They can be found here: